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Originally Posted by BadBoostedBmwM3 View Post
Incorrect, as long as the car tuned properly. Driveline depends how you drive the car.
Ok show me a daily driven 500whp E36 whose engine was together for lets say 2 years/20000 miles without head gasket problems?There is almost none!

It doesn't matter who tuned the car they always have problems with head lifting/pressurizing the coolant system,people started to oring the head/block but im not sure how long that lasts neither.

Driveline is also weak,all of the high hp guys are using aftermarket driveshafts/halfshafts/differentials,it was made for a 240hp car so its much much weaker than the E46 M3 drivetrain...dont let me start about transmissions,weak diff bolts,mounting points....

I had 5 E36 M3's so i almost know every bolt on them by now lol

Looks like you have bad boosted M3,how much power do YOU make and did you ever take it to the track or race?...if you drive it on sundays to starbucks without getting into boost ofcourse its gonna last 10 years lol

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