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Yea, it was pretty foolish behavior on the dealers part. All they wanted to do was spend close to $800 of BMW's money, and I do not think it was intentional.

I think the tech was in drone mode: Hook up test equipment to car, test equipment indicates both windows had faults, solution is to replace 2 window motors, problem solved and tech bills hours.

I had even written a note and put it in an envelope on the console in plain view addressed to "BMW Service Tech" with some history, although I think the dealer routed the car to the same tech that replaced the battery 1 week before. In the note I CLEARLY stated I did not think the problem was a hardware problem but either a programming glitch or a window re-initialization issue.

What probably frosts my ass even more is I specifically asked to speak with the Shop Foreman after I was told both window motors need replacing to attempt to get a reasonable solution that did not involve totally dismantling both doors and I was told he was eating lunch and would call me later. Well the Shop Foreman did not even have the common courtesy to at least speak to me over the phone, much less in person, but he got involved with the car, did half of the repair, then tossed it back to the tech who was foundering for another 1 1/2 hours. So thanks to the Shop Foreman, he wasted over 1 hour more of everyone's time.

Then the Service Adviser was told to tell me it would happen again, that the window motors still had faults. Geeeezusss!! Yes it WILL happen again if the battery is disconnected long enough, yes it MAY happen again if the window motors have problems or if the window mechanism gets tight and GUESS WHAT, if they put the test equipment back on the car after the windows were re-initialized there would be no faults!!! I will take my chances for now without new window motors. I would love to see the Service Information Bulletin on this problem as well, this is another reason I wanted to speak with the Shop Foreman so I could see what the bulletin stated.

I guess I will just keep reading up in the service manual (I will now have a reserved parking spot for my Bentley manual in my bookcase!) and make sure I review every problem on the Fanatics in detail before I take the car in again.

Yes a waste of my time on my part, but at the end of the day the car is fixed and both doors were not torn apart!!

Dealers = How to make a simple solution expensive and time consuming!!
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