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Originally Posted by trippinbillies4 View Post
Recipe for a drift machine in an open diff car? pardon me being blunt, but you're insane. What the hell difference does camber make in the rear if the inside wheel that has no weight on it is the one getting power? Springs and crazy front camber can make a difference, but I worked under the assumption of no mods for a stock class. You'll have to have crazy camber plates to get -4 out of the front, as those cars can barely get -2 stock.
I guess we're both making assumptions, OP can you tell us what mods you have?

I assumed coilovers, since no one can get -2 up front stock. At Nationals in 2008 they recorded front camber for DS, and I was one of the highest BMWs at -1.2

Even in stock class I'd recommend keeping camber over -2, but zero toe or even a bit of toe out will definitely help it rotate. When I ran in stock class, I used zero toe all around, max front camber, -2 rear camber.
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