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Originally Posted by robt_sf View Post
Hi Greg,

Is this what would be referred to as "holograms"? I used a rotary buffer on the hood of the car to remove spider webs in the finish. I used 3M's swirl remover with a soft foam pad on a rotary buffer @ 1400-1500 rpm. The spider webs came out maybe 80%, and the paint looked great. I put a coat of Meguire's show car polish, and then two coats of carnuba on top and it looked and felt great. After the first carwash the truth seems to be revealed that marks were left.

I'm planning on buying some new pads and some additional polish, but want your reccomendations on what to use. I came across the Poorboy's SSR 2 & 3, and wanted to know if I should plan on being that agressive to get rid of the holograms. Then I also found the Blackhole product, which I've read some pretty good things about. Finally, what do you reccomend as for pads for each one of the products. I'm planning on buying the lake county 5.5 pad driver, and pads to go with it.
It does appear there was too much heat on the surface and the buffer left some haze on the surface. My suggestion would be to drop down to the 5.5" or 4" pads. Remember with rotary buffers the larger the pad the more speed/heat is generated. With either option you will need to get the correct backing plate (Lake Country Rotary Backing Plate for 4 Inch Pads or Lake Country Rotary Hook & Loop 5" Backing Plate). I would also suggest starting at a lower speed 1000RPMs - 1200RPMs may be a better starting point for you. They will still generate plenty of power to polish the surface. Try one of the following combos to correct the surface:

Option #1
Meguiar's Ultra-Cut Compound M105 with a Lake Country Orange Light Cutting Pad
followed by the Meguiar's Ultra Finishing Polish M205 with a Lake Country White Polishing Pad

Option # 2
Menzerna Super Intensive Polish PO83 with a Lake Country Orange Light Cutting Pad
followed by the Menzerna PO106FA Nano Polish (Super Finish) with a Lake Country White Polishing Pad

Both option should restore the surface to be optically clear and very glossy again. I also HIGHLY recommend you pick up the Brinkmann Maxfire Dual Xenon Swirl Finder Spotlight which is on sale this month. It will help you see the swirls and hazing that can't usually be seen with out direct sunlight or powerful halogen lights. If you have any other questions please let me know.
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