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Originally Posted by seattle View Post
do hose bought at places like autozone and orieliys come with the plastic? or does one have to cut the clamps off and use new clamps?
I'm pretty sure that you might be able to get one, but that you'd need to special order it, but I've been wrong before.

I'd use OE or OEM and make sure they have the proper fittings for your system, I'm sure you could get screw clamps to hold, but over time, I'm thinking that the amount of force you'd be applying to a brittle plastic part would hasten its demise.

OE hoses are also shaped just like you need them don' t need to rig up extra clamps to get it to turn without bending I'm not sure you really want to monkey around with this...unless, of course, you're someplace where a dealer or the Internet isn't around!

It almost never pays off when someone tries to see if they can save $10 on a repair...I know you can get oe hoses online quite reasonably...or at the dealer ask for AAA or car club discount, you know.


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