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Originally Posted by weareweird69 View Post
anything below I think 2006 has a 6 year corrosion warranty, and everything 2006 and newer has a 12 year corrosion warranty. And yes, its a perforation, meaning it must 'break' through the panel.

You can call them if you like, BMW NA, and ask them to maybe help pay to have it repaired, but dont cross your fingers.
My 2005 has a 12 year rust perforation warranty.

Something that has not been mentioned in this thread is the fact that you need documentation showing that an Inspection II was performed at the proper time (i.e. ~60-65k miles) or the warranty is null and void. This is at least the case for the 12 year warranty.

LOL I rarely see a 8 year old car without rust. Unless its something agregious thres no way they'd cover it
My 323i was nine years old when it was crushed and didn't have even a spot of rust.

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