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Originally Posted by 2004bmw330ci View Post
Ok so I love my E46 330ci Stick but, I still have about 4-5more years left to pay it off and will probably wind up being upside down if I continue to pay minimum payments... Like I said I love my E46 and the mileage isn't that High it's only at I think 80k.
But the question that has been running through my mind is well I want to mod it more but with all the mods I want to do to it will end up being about 4k! Ya! It is an expensive hobby which I understand but I'm trying to think

Would you drop 4k into a car that well is only worth 8-9k in this market?
As well if you would what would you do first...I figure I can pay it off within a year if I don't do anything to it mod wise...Or I can just well get rid of it and upgrade...to an E92 or well maybe one of those nice 135's...

I guess what I'm really thinking is will my E46 last me for another 8 years?

Thanks for you input guys!

I'm sure this has been said before but I will say this....

Maintenance before mods....do this for as long as you have your car and if you have the extra $$$ and want to mod then by all means, mod your ride To answer your last question, as long as you have your car well maintained and also do preventive maintenance then your bimmer should last well over 8 years...

I have my M3 which I will keep for quite a long time, so I will continue to mod my ride even while making payments. The key is are you planning to get rid of your 330 sometime in the future? If you plan to keep it for another 8 years or more then do the preventive maintenance and mods and enjoy your ride You are the one who has to be happy...just remember that Enjoy your car while you have it

One important note, keep all receipts for everything you do with your car. This includes mods you make. It is amazing how easy it is to sell your car if you have a well documented history of your vehicle at the time you sell your car. I just sold my '99 323i recently to a friend. It had over 145k on the odometer but it has been well maintained throughout it's life and I have also done preventive maintenance and mods. I managed to sell my car within a 24 hour period because the person who bought my car knew it's history. Keep that in mind. I cannot say enough how important keeping up on your maintenance is.
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