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Things have taken an interesting (and even more annoying) turn.

Steve- thanks for the suggestions. Here's what happened:

Approach 1:
-Key in "0" position (car off)
-Pulled fuses 7 & 41 (third one in on the top row, fourth one in from the left on the bottom) Confirmed that radio was indeed shut down.
-Unplugged iPod from PA-12 cord
-Unplugged all wires from PA-12 (cord to iPod, RCA connection cord, and cord to CD-changer plug in trunk)
-Waited a few minutes
-Plugged fuses 7 & 41 back in (7 went in smoothly, 41 sparked as it always has)
-Turned radio on to FM, cycled through modes (went from FM to AM to CD, no CD-changer)
-Let radio play for a few minutes, then turned radio off
-Pulled fuses 7 & 41 out
-Plugged all wires back into PA-12, waited a minute, and turned radio on
-Cycled through modes- FM to AM to CD-changer (CD 6, TR01- pressing any other number resulted in a "No Disc" message), to CD, back to FM
-Plugged iPod in to PA-12, heard familiar connection tone from iPod, and went back to CD-changer
-Radio displayed CDC 6 TR01, hitting #4 (as I always did before this mess) resulted in CDC4 TR01 (arrrrrrrrrgh)- MP3 display text still not working.

Approach 2:
-Similar as before, but after pulling fuses 7 & 41 and all wires from PA-12 and left them out for a few hours (thought/hoped that this may in fact properly reset everything...was out of other ideas)
-~3 hours later, come back to car to head home. Plugged wires back into PA-12 and put fuses 7 & 41 back in (41 sparked as usual)
-Turn radio on, see a brief message (less than a second) on the radio (I think it said "disabled" ??) before radio comes on. I cycle mode to CD-changer and again see CDC6 TR01 and then CDC4 TR01- still not working. This is starting to really annoy me, but the sound still works, so I decide to address it again when I get home.

Here's where it got weird/worrisome:
-En route home, I'm playing music through PA-12 when all of a sudden, the head unit shut off and all sound is cut. Completely blank, not even the clock is displaying. I'm not sure what just happened but can't pull over to inspect so I just tap the radio power button and it turns back on. Weird. When I get home, I realize that the radio has not turned off even though I turned the car off. Weird. At first I thought it may be a power issue due to AC being half-way up and phone charging in addition to iPod but the radio not turning off changed my mind. I decide to do some research on this before fiddling around.

-On the way to dinner, the same thing happened twice. I'd be listening to something via the CD-changer input/PA-12, then the headunit would randomly shut down completely. Tapping the power button would turn it back on and the music would continue where it left off. This is making me nervous and given that phone wasn't charging and AC was lower than before, I rule out a lack of system power being the issue.

From initial research, it appears that the radio shutdown issue is likely (hopefully) attributed to a blown or improperly placed fuse (if it was blown or improperly placed, wouldn't the radio not turn on??). They both look fine to me, but I think I should take a closer look and perhaps swap one out with another (associated with rarely used functionality) one and see if that resolves the issue? It seems that the headunit doesn't realize that the car is on and acts as if the car is off (and thus, auto-shuts down after xx minutes.) This makes sense- I hope this is the cause.

ALL THAT SAID- any suggestions on what I should do now? Has anyone experienced the HU shutdowns? How would this potential HU power issue affect the PA-12? All these issues started last weekend when I pulled the HU then re-installed it. Everything was perfect before that- display text worked just fine and the HU didn't just randomly shut off. I thought it may somehow be a loose power connection to the HU, but similar to my fuse question, wouldn't that result in the radio not turning on at all?)

What's also annoying is that I can't isolate the source of the issue- HU? PA-12? I eliminated iPod by trying two, but that's about it. Some potential issue sources: HU power/fuse issue (does 41 spark on insertion for others?), PA-12 box, one of the connections to/from the PA-12.......or something else?)


Here are pics of radio mode (which shows that display text works for AM/FM, which is why I haven't eliminate PA-12 as the issue) and CDC mode (which used to display MP3 text perfectly)

Radio Mode (w/ display-text)

CD-changer mode/PA-12 (display-text stopped working)

Originally Posted by steve.325i View Post
Once when I still had the Dice Silverline & I was attempting to debug the text not scrolling on my HU, I was probing at the 3-pin connector with my oscilloscope & the ground clip suceeded in slipping & shorting out the power to ground on the 3-pin connector. I don't remember which fuse I blew, but it was one of them. So that is my reason for beleiving that the power to the 3-pin connector flows through one of those fuses.

The song resumed from where it was because the iPod paused in that location. I believe your 'bookmarks' in the other playlists would have been lost with the power cycle.

All that said, I still have not helped you.

From your pics your dash matches mind. The CD soft button is also lit up over button 6. That should not be there.

I wish I remembered how I had my switches set. I might have to pull my backseat & check.

Honestly - a "battery reset" is overkill. Pulling 7 & 41 is sufficient.

My gut feeling right now is that your HU is not detecting it properly. If it's not too much trouble, I would try pulling the fuses, disconnect the PA12, put back in the fuses & operate the radio without anything connected to the CD changer interface. Then pull the fuses again & reconnect the PA12 & see if you get it back.

Thats all I have at this point. I will continue to ponder.

Anybody else experience anything like this?
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