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I received my headunit on Tuesday and spent all day yesterday at the installer waiting... in the end I have a "full functioning" headunit with some issues that are really making me regret this purchase... I would appreciate any help Jeff or anyone here can provide...


I have an 03 M3 with stock Premium Navigation (I feel like I am the only one thus far who went from the Premium Nav to Dynavin...) and all aftermarket speakers:

2 aftermarket amps (HK GT-750 and Kicker ZX 1000.1)
2 sets of aftermarket components all around (6.5" Boston Pro 60 SE in front and some Polk 6.5" components in the back)
1 aftermarket sub in a magic box (JL 10W7)

Before this install, I had the speakers all using a PAC audio 4 channel converter that took the RCA inputs from the speakers and wired them into the stock harness from the stock headunit. The sub was given signal by running the rear channel signal through the sub-amp (acting as a high-frequency passthrough) which then fed the rear signal back into the 4-channel amp providing the rear channel amplification.

The Install

The first issue that came up was, right out of the box, the harness that comes with the Dynavin is not the proper harness for the stock premium nav head-unit. The Dynavin harness is built to accept ONE big connector, while the premium nav headunit has TWO harnesses coming into it....

no big deal (it thought), since I have all aftermarket speakers/amps we just ran rcas (front, rear, and single sub [with a y-adaptor going into the sub amp])...

The Problems

As I drove away from the installer and it was darker out I noticed my first problems:
1) The buttons on the head-unit don't light up (the installer didn't know which wires on the Dynavin side to tap and give power as he assumed the main power would also light the buttons... guess not)
2) I don't have any steering wheel controls (again, this is because the installer didn't know which wires to tap on both sides [where on the two looms coming into the stock premium nav and where on the Dynavin side]

Driving around for a while, I started to notice the horrible, (3) high-pitched whine I kept reading about earlier on in this thread... I had assumed that having aftermarket amps would eliminate the possibility of an output from the headunit being "too high" or "too loud" ... I had somewhat of an issue with this when I had the stock nav headunit but with the Dynavin the problem is 10 times worse... when the headunit is off and I am driving around, my passenger can tell exactly how much throttle I am applying based on the intensity of the whine

Do I need a LOC on each RCA out between the Dynavin and the amp?

Next, as soon as I put in a CD to gauge the bass I was blown away by the intensity and loudness of my sub... the Dynavin's "sub" control on the EQ was 100% useless, as I now have it on (-7) [with the "bass" setting also on (-7)] and the 10w7 (with 1000w going to it) ... wait for it... this really is too funny to mention but I have to... actually shook my CSL trunk so hard in an hour of listening that one of the anchor bolts on the hinge that connects the trunk lid to the car CAME OUT! While I may like bass sometimes, it is annoying to have to listen to my sub 100%, all the time, without (of course) going to the trunk and manually turning the gain on the amp to 0

So... problem 4) The subwoofer control does not work and a signal is being sent to the sub ALL THE TIME (when the unit is not on I get a constant "humm" from the sub)

Finally, how do you choose what will happen when you plug in a USB device? I have the PAC usb port in my cupholder and when I plug in a usb stick with pictures, movies, and music on it .. the Dynavin starts to play a slide-show of the pictures and I can't figure out how to access the music or movies on the USB stick. Also, the Dynavin (twice now) has continually switched between playing my iPod and then stopping while it "loads" a picture from the USB stick.. any remedy for killing a loop like this?

Problem 5)The Dynavin won't let me control what happens when I plug a USB device in.

24 Hour Impression

I definitely need to go back to the installer to address problems 1, 2, and 3. At this point I am really trying hard not to be too negative but I have a sinking feeling that I just downgraded in a major way (in terms of sound quality and ease of use). I am going to reserve judgement until I get some of these basic issues taken care of and I get some time to get further into customization
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