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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I'm interested in this but is this a 1-time deal? The earliest I could do the install is next summer.
The price outside of the group buy is $650 so it's no big deal if you miss this one.

Originally Posted by Jackcat559 View Post
Just put it on the shelf until then.

I won't be able to put mine on during the rebuild, so it has to go on the the shelf until later
Shelving it probably isn't worth the trouble unless you happen to have easy access to the crank snout - which it sounds like you may have, Jackcat. For anyone with their engine IN their car it's best to do it all at once: you have to pull your stock damper, measure your crank snout with a micrometer, tell ATI the measurement so they can tailor yours accordingly, and wait a few days for the super damper to come in before you carefully put everything back together using a lot of force.

It's important for everyone to understand there's customization and downtime involved. My car was on jackstands for a week. Also consider that with one tool package going around, there's going to be a wait for that as well.

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