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Originally Posted by yusufm786 View Post

Thanks for the reply. Can you please clarify the inpa/SSS for the HVAC? If the HVAC doesn't broadcast to the IBUS, then even if I'm able to work out the codes, surely I will have to broadcast to another bus in order to execute them from a PC?
HVAC doesn't broadcast to the bus. For example it won't send "I just turned on the AC" but it can take diagnostic commands from INPA "Turn on the AC".

However, the HVAC also does "It's 24C, turn down the fans" or "Move this stepper motor, stop this stepper motor here" internally, so you would need to mimic that in software. The HVAC relocation panel is only about $30 and is fairly easy to fit.

So you need INPA to mock up the commands. Search for a post entitled "BMW and INPA success" to find a guide.
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