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Originally Posted by Novare330 View Post
nothing wrong with an average looking girl....

as long as:

1) she is good to you
2) she is faithful to you
3) she loves you
4) she genuinely cares about you

never sacrifice any of these things for a girl that is hotter, because you'll regret it
Dude, I love you

If by settle you mean marry, physicality should only matter so much. Just like there's always a faster car, there is always a better looking girl. If you spend your life chasing the hottest thing that will go home with you, you're going to end up in your mid 30's scrambling for anything. Odds are, you'll end up with far less attractive girls than those guys who "settled" earlier. This of course isn't really applicable if you become a multi-millionare. But, should you find a girl to marry you for your cash, odds are she won't really care for you anyway.

The way I always saw it, I want a girl who i know i want as my best friend. Not now while she's the hottest thing under the sun but rather one who I can picture raising kids with, getting old next to, and being proud of the whole way through.

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