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My Ride: 2002 BMW 318i

Daily visits to E46fanatics and M3Forum gave me the "urgency" to buy an "///M".
Since I had a coupe before, I want to try something new, so I started looking for an M3 convertible.

Then one day, during the coldest month last winter, I found "Passion", test drove it. Made a 'crazy' offer to the dealer (let's say.. around 30% off the asking price), the dealer accepted it because business was very slow back in January, and no one buys convertible during winter. lol

This is from the day when I bought it:

It comes with 19x8.5, 19x10 SSR GT3
Super deep-dish is never my cup of tea.. so I sold it:

And grab these instead:

19x8.5 and 19x9.5

During Install:

I was never been a fan of Angel Eyes.. I think they are way too overpriced. Until I found KHOALTY's For $55, their angel eyes have great colour temp, very easy to install (everything is included), Great quality, and it's super bright!

Few items that is on the box (all from Khoalty): great price!
- Angel Eyes
- Matte Black grille
- Matte Black side gill
- Depo Smoked crystal corner (flawless fitment, I'm very happy with it)

I couldnt stand the old rear light, so I hit Bimmian to get me a pair of Eagle Eye LED tail lights. Again, highly recommend! Perfect fitment, OEM look

I also did a few 'minor' mods & maintenance:
- eBay Silver bulbs
- OEM Foglights to replace the old ones..
- ZHP Shift Knob(Tischer)
- Rain sensor cover (Tischer)
- replacement emblem (Tischer), someone stole my emblem when I parked my car in Seattle Airport
- replacement M3 rear logo (Tischer), my old one is faded
- Fender liners (Tischer)
- replaced Accessory & AC Belts
- Air Filter
- Cabin Air filter
- Oil Change, Castrol TWS, with filter (Super expensive here in Vancouver)
- New Wiper blades

CDV delete & transmission fluid bleed - I HIGHLY recommend for anyone who hasnt do this, please do! I cant explain how good the shift feels after the CDV is removed.

- What's the best rear spoiler for M3 vert? After trying different options, I finally settled for... eBay rear Spoiler! The quality is superb, come painted as well.

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