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Originally Posted by alwaysbored786 View Post
i wonder how much jlevi paid to have this on the front page lol.
A hefty sum of $0. Almost broke our advertising budget, really.

We told Tim that this was a really cool new product and a lot of people were asking questions about it ("do they fit like oem? How hard are they to replace"), so we had written an article about it...

The E46Fanatics community is all about educating enthusiasts. Tim and Mark (owners of E46Fanatics) have a strict guideline that if it's educational, sponsors can write articles and have them featured. So while our advertisements would NEVER be featured, (we get no special treatment on this, I assure you) we've had a few of our "tutorial" or "complete guide to" articles featured on the site in the past.

You know, we're enthusiasts, too

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