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I have a potential ignition switch issue . About a month ago I tried to start my vehicle and it failed to crank at all. I tried to jump it to no avail. Finally got it Towed. The garage put it up on the lift and it started. (?!) Two weeks later after numerous starts, it did the same thing - fortunately next to my house. I looked into everything from a bad key fob to a blown fuel pump fuse... Even looked to see if a coin was trapped by the neutral safety switch ...nothing seemed to work...then after rattling the ignition a bit, it started (?!)...then continued to start for two more weeks. I took it into the stealership this past Wednesday - they ran the diagnostic and told me that the vehicle has no ignition problems and nothing shows up in the history. ( OK am I lying?!)...Well this past Friday night my car once again failed to start. Same thing - good battery - radio, lights etcs ...I can hear a click inside the motor ( Starter ) and one up by the left side of the firewall immediately after...thinking it must be the ignition switch itself ...maybe a wiring short....
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