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Originally Posted by xixixi View Post
Today I started the first step of my rwd conversion... or so I thought... I started by taking out the front axles. I was about to take out the front drive shaft when I decided to go for a drive. That didn't work out, the car refused to move. I figured it wouldn't, so I pull the traction control fuse. Still nothing at this point I have my car running at the end of the drive way at 12am (headers no cats no muffler true straight pipes) I tried to push the damn thing up my driveway and get it out of the road. It didn't happen, I had to wake up my neighbor to get it back in the garage. A few weeks ago I bought a 99 328 that has 2 drive shafts in the rear seat. It also has the front subframe/spindles/control arms and a 3:46 diff I plan on using. Now I must source a transmission and have it in by tuesday morning. I just wanted to share my story with those that are thinking about trying this swap. It's not easy and so far I'm running into more and more issues... I'm hoping that once the new transmission is in I will be able to disable the traction control (via fuse box) and all will be good! I'm also trying to think of a band aid fix till i can get a tranny. Any out of the box ideas are welcome I was thinking about welding the front diff so it's locked??? I'm going to drown myself in gin
Why would you attempt to convert your car to rwd when you do not even know how the awd works? Welding the open center diff in the tcase is the only way you will get power to the rear wheels, and IMO you are asking for trouble with that. Welding the front diff will do nothing at all, and neither will pulling the tcontrol fuse. You should do it right and get the rwd drivetrain. You can easily pay for it by selling the tcase, front diff, axles etc. The only bandaid fix would be to somehow keep that front driveshaft from spinning.
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