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Sounds good, As you know by now I am going standalone and would love to have some sort of assistance with going this route. I see you also got rid of the stock MAF and that's been my down fall with my setup. My question is how does the car drive with no MAF? I mean do you think removing the MAF is part of what is causing some of the drive ability issues or it's something else?
My concern going to something like this is just being able to daily drive the car whether that be clear across the country or just in heavy traffic.

Originally Posted by gurov View Post
it runs the motor quite well, i've gotten it up to like... 8-9 psi on the street at like 4-5k rpm cause it's overboosting due to my poor parts selection (this is being changed, TCD manifold on the way + redoing all the exhaust when parts get here + proper real tial gate + boost control via megasquirt, i'll have pics of this during the process)

one of the issues i'm still trying to tackle is my inability to set the throttle body lower than the limp home position, this creates a stable idle at around 1200-1300 rpm, this means keeping the idle valve fully closed until i can figure out how to lower the idle (mechanical throttle conversion, or proper electronic tb control) this is simply an annoyance, and not a stopping spot, i've retarded the timing in the idle area, which lowers the idle to a reasonable level.

6 speed would def help out as far as confidence goes, so would the built engine. i plan to run 8-9 psi on this thing once i get proper control of boost (tcd + tial) and proper control of the trans (cut engine power during a shift, use lockup in the converter for boost).

as far as the management box goes, this setup can now be duplicated for under about $700 for the megasquirt3 + ms3x (once ms3x is back in stock) fully built, about half-ish that for someone who can put together a megasquirt board, but it doesn't even have to be megasquirt, it can be any management system, i just stick with megasquirt because it's what i've worked with for a while now and it's easy to get going.

if people want to duplicate this, i'll answer whatever questions anybody has.

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