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Originally Posted by ritos530i View Post
Sounds good, As you know by now I am going standalone and would love to have some sort of assistance with going this route. I see you also got rid of the stock MAF and that's been my down fall with my setup. My question is how does the car drive with no MAF? I mean do you think removing the MAF is part of what is causing some of the drive ability issues or it's something else?
My concern going to something like this is just being able to daily drive the car whether that be clear across the country or just in heavy traffic.
the maf is definitely not causing any drivability issues. it was just there in the way. later down the road i may go back to the maf once the blending code is developed more, maf for below boost and map for above boost. MAF will have a lot better time measuring the entering amounts of air for calculating fueling. whether i go back to this stock maf or some other unit still remains unknown.

maf was simply a slight restriction in the intake piping.

for now the car will be on MAP fueling (well, % baro for elevation correction, but that's a whole different topic). as far as drivability, that will take a bit long to dial in perfectly where you could stab the throttle at any speed and have it respond flawlessly, but as far as driving long distances, it shouldn't be a problem.
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