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Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
exactly. He probably got her that sushi gig.

don't ignore us lol.

Being a guy in a serious relationship, I'm curious why you don't see these things as problems. Modeling ehhh whatever, but being naked and having people eat sushi off of you is another story. You're one really secure dude I guess. I just see it as weird. But I don't know, there's guys out there that date strippers and marry pornstars too.
i wasn't trying to ignore lol

I didn't see anything wrong with naked sushi, usually its its $100/hr.
I am actually a pretty secure person and don't really have any jealousy issues, so it didn't bother me. Besides, she wasn't actually naked, just topless with her nipples covered with rose pedals. She's not doing porn, and she never will. She has been doing alot of little modeling events lately and she is getting paid for it, so why the hell not. She has actually come around lately and decided she is gonna go back to school and realized she needs to do something with her life. What she had said before (didn't wanna career, wants to waitress forever etc) was a major problem, but now she is working on it so I see it as a positive thing.
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