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Originally Posted by JamesC View Post
New piece we had produced. All custom to our specs. Fit is super tight to the car.
This is something you are developing to sell or only custom in house offering?

Originally Posted by JamesC View Post
Release coming soon. Looks like in a more recent dyno on my street car we are looking at about a 15Hp gain on the software alone versus typical performance software.
So this is going to be from BimmerWorld? Nice! User installed or DME shipped?

Originally Posted by JamesC View Post
I like them better these days and the price is nice. GC has a slick adjuster on the front, but the geometry on that bar doesn't work so great - links are perpendicular at the softest setting and I suspect big adjustment range isn't alltogether usable because you are only using the vertical component of the force applied.
Good info! thanks

If I wanted to keep the MAF in place (i.e. no Alpha-N), what do you think the HP #s would look like? What intake would you use if you wanted to go with MAF? To keep it street legal in some other states, there may be more restrictions in place in regards to MAF and CATs, etc.
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