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Originally Posted by swn80 View Post
Hi, guys,
2. The dealer told me that front and rear differential fluids are different. However, can I use Red line 75W-90 for both differential?
Dealer is a misinformed crackpot. The OEM fill for both the front and rear diffs on the E46 XI was SAF-XO fluid. But why should the dealer really know? BMW says its a Lifetime fluid fill.

1 -- Dexron VI is perfect for the GM tranny. I used Castrol Import Multi vehichle when I did mine. But that was before the BMW part number for the fluid was superceded by a Dexron VI product. Next change will be Castrol Dexron VI. Oh and you will not need 9 Qts. You will only drain and fill between 5-6 qts. Get 7 to be safe.

2 -- Redline 75-90 in the diffs is fine. That is what I used. 2qts

3 -- Redline MTL in the Transfer Case is what I used. My research found that MTL matches the OEM fill (MTF-LT1) spec closer than the Redline D4 did. 1qt will be more than enough. You will use 1/3 max.

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