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Working on a full update that will answer this and more... For now, fast answers:

Originally Posted by mattman View Post
This is something you are developing to sell or only custom in house offering?
Everything in this project is meant to be sold.

Originally Posted by mattman View Post
So this is going to be from BimmerWorld? Nice! User installed or DME shipped?
Yes from us. You have to ship the DME.

Originally Posted by mattman View Post
If I wanted to keep the MAF in place (i.e. no Alpha-N), what do you think the HP #s would look like? What intake would you use if you wanted to go with MAF? To keep it street legal in some other states, there may be more restrictions in place in regards to MAF and CATs, etc.
If you have a plug-in emissions test, you have to run some sort of cat and your mass air meter - otherwise you will throw some warning codes. We dynoed my street car which is pure stock except for normal catless headers (Jet Hot) and a rear muffler - we made 305 wheel. 10 for the race exhaust, 8-10 for the carbon plenum, 3-5 for pulleys, and the rest from the stepped headers. These are realistic gain numbers when added. So what intake - up to you. We have a carbon plenum that accepts a MAF and will make the most power. Otherwise aFe is my personal choice.

Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Any plans on offering portions of the upgrades in some sort of standard package?
Haven't gotten to packaging it yet, but when we do it will be complete sections - full suspension, full engine (headers, some exhaust, carbon plenum, and software) for example. I will sell the complete car upgrade kit
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