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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Someone in a different thread was saying that the D4 ATF will eat your synchros (brass or copper???). Is this the case for the M3/330LCI ZF 6 sp?

How much gain would a streetable cam package add?
I like the D4ATF. Up until this year we used MT-90 in most applications. We have done a lot of testing this year and the D4ATF seems to be the only fluid that is not too slick for the synchros to work, but has enough protection to allow them to work properly so there is minimal wear.

The cams we have are worth about 15, but I am still waiting on production. It has been an incredibly frustrating process...

Originally Posted by mattman View Post
Does the exhaust work with normal headers with standard flanges like SS stepped 2 and CSL/ Euro headers?

Any comments on tires? I have a street mostly car but track about 12 days in a year. Slicks or DOT? Looking for consistent grip on a durable tire. Been using NT01s. Been good but hard to find sometimes and can use an alternative.

Springs? Hyperco vs Eibach ERS? Does it matter?

Any thoughts on preventative maintenance or reinforcements? Subframe with high spring rates, shock towers, etc

Thoughts on an aftermarket radiator? Good idea or unnecessary?
Our exhaust is a bolt on for a standard fitment header - stock w/cats, SS stepped 2, etc - all of them.

Tires for most trackday cars - I also use the NT-01 on a regular basis. They are cheap, our distributor has a good supply, and they last cery well.

Springs don't matter a ton. Hyperco are typically lighter and have more travel because they are made a little differently - and they are delivered in rate-tested pairs, which is nice.

We didn't do any reinforcement on this car. If it were a racecar, I would. I have a theory that the reason most areas crack the metal is a failed mount. The mount starts to fail, movement increases, now the applied stress is greater due to momentum, and the metal rapidly fatigues. Very common with typical street/track cars - no one wants to replace with proper engine mounts or pull the rear subframe and replace bushings - too hard. So the bushings wear out, then the metal on the car goes.

The cooling system is something I am still working on. I can throw everything at it but I prefer a more systematic approach. I will update the thread as we go on that front.
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