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Hey, did you know that if you spin an otherwise stock M54B30 to 7500 for less than a second, the oil pump nut falls off in about 7 autocross runs? Ask me why I know that...

Blah. That's all I have to say about this underwhelming M54 motor. BLAH!

This ATI damper looks nice, but $575 seems... steep? I agree now that its apparently needed, and I'm sure that's what they want to get for a low volume production balancer, of course. I called my engine builder, who buys a lot of ATI dampers for all sorts of engines. He says they "usually cost from $280-400 for most motors". He said that price is more than what a NASCAR engine's balancer costs... crazy high. But its such a low production volume (they've made what? 2 of them, ever?) that this is probably why. That and the BMW Tax.

He's checking on this part number and will get back to me - if he can't get it for under $575 I'll get on the GB here (if I keep racing this car into next year).

Thanks for getting this GB going, guys. $75 off of the insane $650 price is better than nothing.
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