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Nice writeup. I have to do this, and here are the parts I have:

Water pump (I ordered a Stewart, so I'm selling the GEBA)
Water pump pulley (I ordered the aluminum ECS one that overdrives)
Fan switch
Thermostat & housing
Sealing gaskets
Expansion tank & cap
1 Gallon Coolant
Upper & lower radiator hoses
Accessory drive belts
Radiator drain plug
Coolant level sensor
Level sensor clip

A/C belt
Accessory belt
Cooling hose (runs under expansion tank to water pump)

...and for some reason, I ordered a drain plug adjustment screw. I went with their cooling kit 1, because I'd already ordered belts before. Then I just tacked on all the other stuff I thought needed to be done, based on a few other DIYs. How long did it take you to do this?

I'm eager to get this done since my car is gonna be running like a champ when done. I figure the ECS overdrive pulley + Stewart pump should make a great combination. I'm looking for an aluminum underdrive P/S pulley also. If there's anything else I can underdrive, I'd do it too, except for the alternator. I want the extra juice for when I upgrade the stereo. PEACE.
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