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Want to add a few tips of my own after the install.

If you're going to spray ceramic paint on your headers - make sure you prime them. I was scratching them during the install

To make the install easier
- Remove the motor mount, air pump and reservior. There isn't much room
to work with.
- Use advice mentioned in this thread - buy racheting wrenches, swivels
and extensions.

Here are some pics of clearance. The headers I got from bimmerbrakes cleared everything nicely as seen below. And yes, I need new motor mounts.

Do yourself a favor and PB blast the bolts. Removing the nuts removed the bolts at the same time for me. Buy new nuts and bolts

A shot from below of the manifold mating with the head.

Bimmerbrakes Header O2 bungs clear each other.

Image of how much room you'd have with the air ump and windsheild reservior out of the way.

Lastly, the stock manifold comparison vs the header. Stock manifolds are very restrictive. If you want an engine mode with proven numbers, do this first. It's $10 a horsepower (Generic Brand)

I'll provide an update of where and how I mounted and installed the O2 sim if there is vested interest. I'm looking to install cats; the car at the moment stinks sitting in traffic.

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