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Originally Posted by jeffb325@DynavinSolutions View Post
first of should read the dynavin info thread.....particularly the first couple paragraphs.....the whole reason I wrote it is because of what your post says.

Budfox4life...situations like yours are why I am now a dealer.....what happened to you shouldnt happen with a good dealer and a good installer, actually with the equipment you have it should have been EASIER....your dealer failed to supply you with all the parts you needed and the installer failed to understand how you system is put together and install it correctly.
First of all I wrote this thread because of the FAQ's (frequently asked questions) that others have about this unit. Ive had a lot of people that asked me about Dynavin personally and they're not on the forum very often. Ive actually heard very good things about the units youve sold and the customer service you provide. Based upon what I've read, I encourage everyone to buy the unit through you. Good luck

Have all of the issues been resolved in regards to the unit itself? Is it ready to go or are there still some issues that need to be corrected still?

Thanks in advance.
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