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Originally Posted by Darkoz View Post
Most if not all issues have been addressed since version 3 and from reading the problems some post, I'd say that 99.9% of issues are due to bad installs, bad dealers, not adjusting the settings properly and most importantly not reading the existing Dynavin threads, especially Jeff's thread.
Well said.

Originally Posted by Str8down View Post
I don't have my Dynavin yet, however, I do have a Chinese WinCE based 2-din nav in my wifes jeep, which is what the insides of the Dynavin are.

With that said, the reason your Nav doesn't say the street names has nothing to do with the Dynavin, or the hardware, it's because you need additional modules with iGo8. Find a good Nav forum with good iGO8 support, and you can learn how to make it do many cool, things, like say street names, alert you of redlight cams, show 3D views of buildings, POI's, and cities, have an M3 as the cursor instead of the triangle, and much more. But that is all iGO8 and has nothing to do with the actual hardware.
that is great information. thank you.

Now with the V4 Units shipping you also have the benefit of getting OE looking knobs (as well as some additional software improvements).
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