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Originally Posted by bullfrogs_M3 View Post
The hole that goes from the base to the housing is WAYYYYYY to small. Jason (or any other Euro-Division rep) you need to fix this ASAP!!!!!!!!!! The longest part of this entire thing was not the tear down of everything it was the feeding of the cable into the hole. It is extremely bad! I feel sorry for those guys without ribbon cables cause they might have to cut and splice to get it through the hole. I even tried to tear down the base from the housing but was unable to unscrew the 6 point (not Torx but more Hexagon shaped) and ended up destroying a screwdriver bit on it, so said F it and then wiggled the cables through. If some of you do have a problem with getting the cable through, the only thing I can honestly suggest is to try drilling it out more.
I tore one of my ribbon cables trying to work it through the small hole, trying to be as careful as I could. I then disassembled the entire mirror in order to drill the holes bigger. I thought I faced a $200 bill replacing a mirror motor assembly and the time without a working mirror until it came in. I was able to repair the ribbon by:
-sanding the clear coat off of the copper traces on both sides of the torn cable with #600 sandpaper. You must be very careful and patient or you will sand off the traces as well.
-carefully soldering 20 gauge wire onto the traces of both sides. Temporarily tape the ribbon cable and 20g wires down so they are making contact to aid in the soldering.
-Tape the ribbon so that there isn't any stress placed on the soldered joint.

The repair wasn't as difficult as I expected. Anyone who has soldered can repair this cable. The key was setting up the cable/wires so they are making contact prior to soldering.
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