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Originally Posted by LHB View Post
A lot of people complain about the high price of ZHP's, but look at it the other way: there is one ZHP for sale right now on this forum, and another linked to via Craigslist, in the same color as this car, with the same mileage or a little less, for $15.5k. I'm not necessarily saying this car is overpriced, but rather that ZHP's are quite a bargain given what you get.

The roughly $10k + M3 premium seems to remain constant across the mileage spectrum, but the actual prices of the cars depend critically on mileage and condition. You CAN pay $22k for a ZHP, but it's going to be mint, and with around 20k miles or less; an M3 with similar mileage in the same condition, especially with ZCP, would almost certainly be at least $32k.

GLWS, but mileage means a lot.

yeah but m3 > zhp any day of the week.

You want an m for a reason and no zhp will cut it.
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