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Soo I dove into the driver side rocker panel. As you could see from the picture I posted earlier it was completely filled with expanded foam. It did a decent job of protecting the inside rockers from rust, but it was a ***** to get out. Luckily a wire brush on a drill seemed to do the trick.

Driver Side Rocker Panel

This is NOT what I consider a fun foam party...

Puking Foam

Foam Party

You can see in this picture that the inner panels are still fairly solid around the top, so that's good news.

Clean Rockers!

The worst rot in the rocker was towards the front just infront of the drivers seat mounts. This was covered with some silicon seam sealer type stuff, but I poked it out with a screwdriver. I'll have to mock up some replacement pieces and weld them in to fix it.

Rocker Cut out and cleaned

That's when I decided to call it a night. But not before I checked out some of the different options I had for reinforcing the rockers. I tried out some 2x3 rectangular tubing as well as 2.5 x 2.5 square but neither would clear the up front, so I settled on using 2x2 square. It'll give it way more strength than it had before, and a place to tie in a roll cage when the time comes.
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