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The next step was to cut the tubing to the correct length to run inside the rocker panel and then notch it so it would clear the seatbelt mounting points that reached into the rocker. In order to notch the tube, I used the ever trusty Plasma torch. For those that don't know, this can cut through 3/4" steel like butter, so it made very short work of my ~0.125" wall tubing.

The Beast:

Plasma Cutter

But of course I forgot the take a picture of the tube after notching. However you can see how nice and flush it sits up in the rocker panel now.

2x2 Tubing Clamped in Place

I can also use the tubing to create some e46-like jack points in the rockers. Which will be very nice considering the stock jack points weren't strong enough to support the car anymore .

Once the tubing was in there I tacked it in place and started tying it into the inner and upper rocker panels. I'll also weld along the inner bottom and outer top edges so that it spreads out the load and doesn't focus it on a small section of sheet metal (think e46 rear subframe lol).

One tie-in point before cleaning up the welds:

Front Patch

I still need to finish welding along it's whole length, but the tubing is in there now. I'm also thinking about tying it in directly to the front frame rail and the rear subframe mounts just for piece of mind. I'm not sure how much I trust the old mounting points.
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