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Damn Jeff ur good should be a multi millionaire by now,Your cs is off the charts. I have been reading and reading the only thing i can say is your the best, I'm so happy i bought Ur actually unit, BTW did u jump the pink wire on my unit for the dvd play? sorry a little buzzed right now to much gray goose I'm sure you got the navi just right on my unit cant wait to get it. One more thing i need to run speaker wire my my 4 crossovers to my 4 channel amp the trunk I know Ur busy but if you had some insight it would be greatly appreciated. I have been doing the whole car audio thing since before i could drive and not sure what to do, So pissed at the shop that did my install. If you want to do it right got to do ti yourself. I know ur busy but any help would be appreciated. Thanks again Jeff, I was not ready to buy yet but when ur deal came a long i could not pass it up. I so happy now and i did not even get my unit yet. When I'm finished its going to look so EM and sound so aftermarket. IF I GET IT ALL DONE I MIGHT ENTER SOME SHOWS NEXT YEAR.

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