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Married chick gave me her number

So this chick came to my work place the other day, shes like an intern or something at another company my boss owns. She was just there for the day and I didn't really pry into why. She was supposed to be observing but she pretty much spent the day in my office. Shes one year older then me. I work in engineering so we rarely have cute girls at work so it was kinda exciting. In reality shes about a 8 but at my office she became a 9.5. Everyone was on their best behavior. So were hanging out talking about random **** and I gotta admit it was pretty fun compared to what I usually do at work (post on e46 all day).

So its the end of the day and shes leaving, she asked me to come out for a smoke with her and I'm like sure. So I'm giving her directions and the conversation turns to living arrangements. She starts asking me if I live alone or with a room mate and then shes like 'I could never live with a room mate', and I'm like Oh so you live alone and shes like "i live with my husband".

Im thinking Damn, lol.

Anyways she wanted to exchange numbers and I agreed and she says please call me sometime.

Does she want my dlck?
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