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Hard to say really.

Could be any of the following....

- middle aged married woman starting to feel insecure and just wants to flirt to see if she still has it. In this instance, you'll just end up a flirting puppet for her but never get the goods.
- married woman bored with her husband and looking for a fling. In this instance, you'll have to charm her and woo her a bit just like a single girl before she is comfortable enough to give the goods. Best way here is to tactfully find out what her husband is doing wrong...then embellish how well you do those things. Also, find out a little about the husband so that you know what type of risk you are dealing with.
- Always keep an upbeat tone, never complain or carry negativity. You want her to perceive you as fun, positive, and 'refreshing'.
- I'd always let her initiate the contact. How bad would it suck if you called her while she was having dinner with the hubby? Or find out what are 'safe' times to contact each other and always start with a text before a call to make sure coast is clear.
- Also, on your phone, change your voicemail message to the standard digital 'this number is not available' You don't want hubby finding your number and calling only to hear your name and voice.
- Let her make the moves. She is the married one, she is the one who has to feel comfortable with escalating things. You just play the suave upbeat cool guy and play along.

Disclaimer.....I am not liable if your leg gets broken or if you end up circulated through a wood chipper.

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