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Parts update on what is needed to complete the swap:

Motor Mounts
Control Arms
Spindles (must remove dust shield to fit the rotors)
Struts,Springs,Sway Bar/Linkage (front)
Front Motor X Member
Tranny Mounts
Some Shifter Linkage
Front Wheel Speed Sensors
Drive Shaft
Oil Pan
Oil Pan Gasket
Oil Pump (stake/loctite the nut)

That's it so far. May need an extension made for the steering rack. (not there yet) My car has been down for almost a month now I did all the tear down and collected the parts. I then took my car to a friends shop, it has been there since the 31st. This was more work than I ever intended it to be. Just getting all the parts was a pain. Most of the hardware is one time use also, so include that in your budget. School restarts today and I'm gonna be renting a car 2 days a week till this is completed. (1 ASE cert down 1 to go) Needless to say it's became very taxing on my wallet I was hopeful in the beginning. After 2 weeks I realized this wouldn't be smash and grab. (fast) At this point I'm agreeing with everyone that has said, sell it start over.
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