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Originally Posted by BeRzErKaS View Post
ehh, depends...

From a professional standpoint, did her reason for being there actually have something to do with what you were doing? Might it legitimately require future contact for some reason? You kinda glossed over that part and skipped straight to the potential booty call.

Just sayin.. I remember I met this girl at a trade show once. We talked business for a bit, exchanged numbers and I'm like "Yah, call me anytime if you'd like to discuss this further."

Then she's like "Can I call you to talk about other things too?"

And I'm like... "Absolutely."

Then she calls a few days later and asks if I would forward her resume along.

And I thought to myself... "Oh, riiight. That kinda stuff. I'm a grown-up now. I forgot."

It was a misjudgement on my part but a good learning experience. Point is, just make sure you're not putting the cart before the horse.

thats tough. She really has no reason professionally to be calling but you never know.

Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
it says a lot about her marriage if it took until the absolute end of the day to mention she's married.

Also, did you not see a ring? You made it sound like you were surprised by the fact that she said she was married.
I didn't notice a ring, or even bother to look. When she said she lived with her husband that kind of caught me off guard. I was just thinking WTF, then im like OK shes married......then she starts getting all personal again and ask me to call her.

so i just sent her a text, something friendly that wouldn't get her in trouble if her husband saw it and she replies: "who is this, krystal?"

I dont know whats up with that, she knows who I am and she saved my number. I think i'm going to leave this alone, I have a feeling this could blow up in my face.
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