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The hose is really easy to get to in my opinion, although you do need to push or move wires etc out of the way. My hands are large but I am slender. It only takes a minute to find it and another few mins to remove it. It may help you gain easier access if you tilt the steering fluid reservoir out of the way toward the left fender after removing its mounting bolt(s). This will help get that big braid-covered hose out of the way.

Also, if you are replacing the hose, before taking out the old hose, put a strip of paper/cardboard or something down along the route of the old hose from the oil separator to the dipstick tube to help you correctly route the new hose.

As I mentioned earlier somewhere, unplug and label as many electrical donnections as you an find. The hose is a little buried behind some tubes and wires.

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