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Originally Posted by CRSmoak View Post
Actually a bounce refers to the principle of moving a woman or set from one venue to another... just saying

Goddamn you guys and your verbage

Originally Posted by Mark M View Post
Well boys....this train is not getting back on the tracks.

Got a reply to my email today. She accepted my apology and said that she is also partially to blame too. Then she went on to say she can't continue this 'dating marathon' and she needs to get back on track with her faith. She said she just got caught up with me too quickly and fell for all the attention I was giving her and the conversation she enjoyed with me. She is stopping by tonight to pickup her watch and ring that she accidently left at my place Sat evening, but said she does not want to come in, just handoff at the door.

Ok, sounds fine to me. No reason for me to keep chasing this one. Too strange for me. At least I got a mediocre lay out of it and was able to use it to help rebound off my long term ex which ended back in July.
Sorry to hear that, man. In my opinion it sounded like waaaaaaay too much work to put into someone you just hung out with a couple times. In my opinion that's too much drama to put up with after such a short period of time, imagine what a lifetime of that would be like!
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