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Originally Posted by havnfun328 View Post
Did you have an oil leak too?
Sorry, yes, I did have an small oil leak due to the hose break. This hose carries small amounts of oil from the oil separator down into the oil pan via the hose's connection to the dipstick tube. So there was some oil leakage at the break, but it wasn't so much that I needed to add oil (and the problem went on for at least several months before I found it). You can see in Picture #3 that the hose is oily around the break.

Regarding your other question, I would think that a completely broken hose would give codes and a CEL, but you should be able to check the hose without too much trouble.

You might also consider cleaning your ICV (idle control valve) if that hasn't been done recently. They get stuck due to soot buildup. This might give idle problems without codes. Another possible cause for poor idle w/o codes might be your vanos seals, which are a rather big job to replace. Try the ICV first -- mine was stuck after 60K miles.

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