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Originally Posted by LHB View Post
They make a lot of noise, insurance costs a fortune (especially if you're a younger driver), they don't come with a decent automatic transmission, the stock suspension is very rough, women tend to be a lot less impressed with them than you think they are, especially if they have to spend considerable time in the passenger seat, and very few children have been concieved in the back seat.

The fact that the seller is offering a beautiful car for sale after less than a month of ownership suggests that M3's are not the be all and end all for all drivers.

There are a lot of BMW's that are neither boring, economical grocery getters nor e46 M3's.

Sorry for the hijack.
In my 6 years of fanatics I've never heard that side of the argument.

Props to you for laying it out like that!

<--- Still would love an M3 though ,
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