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Originally Posted by 2K5 325i View Post
In my 6 years of fanatics I've never heard that side of the argument.

Props to you for laying it out like that!

<--- Still would love an M3 though ,
Hilarious. You should have seen me when I bought the car and had to wait to have it shipped from Texas. I felt like a 5 year old on Christmas Eve. Got the car, man it is fun and certainly gets the looks. Stereo in this car is amazing as well. Then drove around with my 2 kids in the backseat they love it!...but what a task to put them in and out and their feet are smashed if anyone is sitting up front. I have a minivan, but often take 1 child with me in my car places. Then I have a bad knee and getting out of drivers door on my bad left knee started up some old knee pain....and so on and so on... Thinking about keeping this for track days and fun....and getting an old Acura for daily driving....

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