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Originally Posted by Andrews2nd3 View Post
Honestly, I'm a bit bothered by your use of 'aryan' to describe your daughter. Are you aware of the connotations that word carries? You had better not be using it in any neo-nazi bullsh!t way.

I'm sensitive to the fact that English may not be your first language and perhaps you are unaware of 'aryanism' and the adoption of this word into white supremacist groups.
It's been 70 years, surely that's enough time to laugh a little. It's a german car, german shepherd, she's blond haired blue eyed. . . I don't know, I got the joke. F'in aryans are a small secretive tribe from freakin india anyway, ignore the idiots like Hitler and anyone who thinks they are 'supreme beings' and laugh at them (or arrest them when they get out of hand, but don't shoot them, that would be sinking to their level). There's only one supreme being, an E9x M3 . . .

Anyway, AWESOME BUILD! Way to save a junk bimmer!

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