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Originally Posted by TrippinBimmer View Post
Nice Post Link on where to get the Camera? and how you mounted the Rears?
Sure, Right at the front of this post is the link to the Dynavin thread, post #4.
And There is a few on Ebay, I was not sure about putting in a link, as some people do not like the ebay promotion, and better to do your own search using the camera details i have given, to avoid the larger version camera, that will not fit.
Originally Posted by PreppyR6 View Post
Is it possible to flip the image so its not backwards? Also, how do you turn power on and off for the front camera (I know the rear gets it from the taillight and will automatically engage the screen). Do you have to keep the switch in the off or rear position? What happens if its in front mode and you throw it into reverse?
Dude read the post again if you have time. you will see all the details on the camera activation. rear camera is powered by the reverse light, as in post #4 .... here.
the trigger to activate the TV screen is via the new dash switch. on/off/on.
when I put it in reverse, I flick the switch to the right. and when going forward to park, I flick the switch to the left. when switched left, the extra internal wire in the AV cable gives power to the front camera too. very simple.
And not needed all the time, of course. when in reverse and switched forward... there is a fight to decide which signal to display, but no damage, just 2 AV signals at once, but why do that?
The cameras are pre set, flipped image, but not a problem at close range,
and I guess you clean your car occasionally so take the time to wash the lens.

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