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Originally Posted by ken@bimmertools View Post
Setting up the angles:

What I like to do is put a scrap of crown in the saw and hold it at the correct angle. I then clamp/setup on a stop parallel with the saw's fence. This allows you to just drop the crown into place and cut, only worrying about the angle.

Cutting outside corners is easy, inside requires the coping discussed above. you tell me!

I'm pretty sure, but I'm not going to test my recollection...that if you do what Ken said and just flip the crown over, you can get the inside that way...but I use the crown stops at the same 'projection' of the crown as it's on the wall...and just flip to the other 45 degree cut and come from the other side to cut it...I think that's what I do.

I haven't done it in a while...only so much you can do, you know...

My favorite trick though, is leaving the splicing for the last two cuts at a double angle...hides the gap much better than a butt joint or just a single angle cut.

Also, make yourself templates with short (like 8") pieces'll save you a lot of wasted cuts!

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