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Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
am I the only one that thinks this is a good thing and she's not really all there? I know you could have done things differently but I think this "godly" personality would have come out eventually.
seriously. It's 2010, that **** isn't normal. Faith shouldn't inhibit basic human emotions... if you run into a god-fearing girl like that, FVCKING RUN

She probably had some real shitty/conservative/strict/shunning parents too, so it isn't really her fault I guess.

So you met her online? Did she mentioned her faith in her profile? Whenever I see that, I always click out. Faith doesn't bother me per-say, but I always felt like putting such a personal thing in a profile was kind of odd.

EDIT: I also don't understand why you feel so sorry/apologized to her?? You gave her a million chances to cool it down and she brushed them off.

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