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Originally Posted by wasp9166 View Post
the proper way to do crown is to cope, i dont know why i even come in these threads, when you give a guy advice on how to do it the proper way, there is 3 other guys telling him how to do it the easy way............................ive been a carpenter for over 25 yrs, im not a homeowner who did it once and knows it don't caulk inside trim mitres,........have at it, ciao

use glue instead of caulk
So being one of the three that was wrong suggesting the easy way...don't you think that maybe the reason why yours look good and don't need caulk is your 25 years' experience? Maybe that's why I miter...also quicker...and although I don't caulk my miters, I do lots of painting among other things...and often see corners that don't fit...and caulk is the only show in town for them. Non-carpenters ain't going to get things to 1/64" you least not with luck...and then, over time...when the wood'll get gaps...unless the glue holds it firm...but then I'd wonder about it actually pulling the adjacent piece off the wall and cause a gap

Anyway, was just trying to help, you know...and not being a carpenter...and not knowing you were one...didn't know not to suggest an easier bygones!

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