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My Ride: 2002 325 xit
02' 325xit

Bought with 91k. Now have 121k

1. Sunroof kit after bits and pieces in track
2. Driver's side window regulator after cracked mount
3. Thermostat after stuck open position (included a stewart water pump to replace the oem and all hoses/expansion tank were good)
4. Front inner and outer CV's were cleaned and repacked with Mobil-1 grease. Stupid amount of vibration at around 50-60mph.
5. Two bent rims; two new tires. (Needless to say the previous owner did not avoid rough roads and the car was had for mighty cheap.)
6. Rear springs and shocks with Bilsteins. Oem were leaking bad and spring was cracked.
7. Left lower control arm with bushing.
8. All four brake pads/rotors.

In future:
1. clean re-lubricate/replace DME housing fan
2. AC condensor whines
3. Strange whoosh whoosh sound (consistenly timed) from front wheels when turning, left>right. Assuming it's the wheel bearings from the previous stress after previous owners lack of care but then again all e46's with these miles need major suspension care.

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