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Originally Posted by yousharenow View Post
Try this one on (roomie just kinda go over dealing with it)

He dated a girl. She as 18 and he was 21 when they met.

She was just a college girl, he was a college guy. They shacked up like a year after being together..but she was bat sh*t insane...just outright crazy.
They moved in together, fought so much they got evicted then things got really nasty after that.

Flash forward 6 months.

For starters, the girl is an 8 on her bad days..I never understood how he let her go but they were broken up for about 6 months. She has her own place now, has a good job, in school, is 21 and has her life together. He claims he still loves her, and that those two have just had to let the past go and start completely over..but they both seem really happy. He says they just had to be mindful of boundaries and how they talked to one another. She's a great girl, I think they just caught each other during a young phase in their lives, all these rumors were running around during the breakup too...it was some insane drama LOL.

I'm 100% for whatever makes Corey happy. Since he has lived with me, shes never been anything short of awesome when she is around..she just holds herself as a young woman instead of an insane girl..its refreshing to see it to all those "people never change" haters out there. He told all his old crew to go f*ck themselves if they didn't like it...

I dunno man..thats one hell of a spine to tell everyone to get over it, much less get over it yourself.
Originally Posted by yousharenow View Post
I just find the "fawk them!" kid attitude on here lol worthy.

This is about the only time I've ever seen two people actually change...its just refreshing to realize how wrong all these kids on here are with there gottabemoreballin/datemodels/make6figures/cantbuyalcoholyet kids are.

Between Steph the attention wh0r3 and Justin Beiber threads, I only have found a few with substance, just looking for others opinions on "can people change" and if so, how do you get past it all?

I'm amazed with him, my girl and I have never been through any of that but its really good to see two people hash it out like they have.
Umm... ok
There is no right or wrong answer but hey... whatever makes you feel better
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