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thanks for the how-to. I bought one off ebay for 90 shipped, newer rolling code and it came with the grey panel and the sunroof switch and mic vent.

One thing to note in the first post is the comment about the panel that the switches are in and the bulge for the home link unit. My car is prewired for it and my panel did not have the bulge. so I ended up using my panel instead of the one it was sent in and it works just fine and there was enough room that it isn't hitting the sunroof motor and it isn't pushing the panel down. I assume the panel design just changed at some point, but looks like either works.

of course, mine wouldn't program with just holding the remote button. I had to go up to each garage door motor and push the smart button. That wasn't fun in my detached garage with 12' ceilings. lol

Either way, it is done and works great. Thanks for the write-up.

oh yeah, my car has the microphone as well for bluetooth. I can't believe BMW went through all that to wire the car, install the mic and everything, just to have the TCU not work for pre 2005 cars. oh well. Dynavin here I come.
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